Chicago rapper Fredo Santana died on Friday after suffering from a seizure. He was 27.

Santana, who had previously admitted to being addicted to lean, was reportedly discovered dead on the floor of his home around 11:30 p.m. by his girlfriend, family members told TMZ. Seizures are a common side effect to lean consumption. The “Dope Game” rapper was hospitalized recently for liver and kidney problems, which he was suffering from for several months, according to gossip site. Santana, whose real name is Derrick Coleman, is the cousin of fellow Chicago rapper, Chief Keef. Keef did not directly comment on Santana’s death, but did call out the media for referring to him as just a friend. “Stop saying Fredo was my friend,” he wrote on Twitter Saturday afternoon. “That’s my cousin, Big difference.” The rapper has roots in Chicago, but was reportedly living in L.A. He released his first mixtape, “It’s a Sacry Site” in 2012, which featured King L, Lil Durk, Lil Reese and Chief Keef. Santana’s only album was in 2013, titled “Trappin Ain’t Dead,” which featured Kendrick Lamar on “Jealous.” Last year, he released two additional mixtapes, called “Plugged In” and “Fredo Kruger 2.” Santana reportedly had an 8-month-old son, according to TMZ.