Bastille Brings The Wild Sounds of The “Wild World” To KROQ’s Red Bull Sound Space REVIEW+PHOTOS: Bastille @ Red Bull Soundspace at KROQ 10/12/16

Bastille at RedBull Sound Space at KROQ 10/12/16. Photo by Chelsea Lauren (@ChelseaLaurenLA) for KROQ & RedBull. Used by With Permission.

Bastille at RedBull Sound Space at KROQ 10/12/16. Photo by Chelsea Lauren (@ChelseaLaurenLA) for KROQ & RedBull. Used by With Permission.

“There’s no room for me!” yell veteran KROQ host Stryker while trying to make it to the stage after Bastille’s massive performance at the intimate Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ. The indie pop band treated the audience with 6 songs including few tunes from their latest release “Wild World” (Virgin). The opened with “Send Them Off” which Dan Smith, the band’s frontman, explained has a hip-hop influence they thought would make for a good single. The band also played “Blame”, “Warmth” and “Good Grief” from the same record. Even though the album was only last month, their fans in the audience seemed to already know every word and sang along with the charming vocalist. They closed their set with their huge hit “Pompeii” which made the small club style venue shake like it was in fact the city Pompeii. Thankfully, in our case, we only had tears of happiness after the British band wrapped up their set.

It was an early show (1pm PT) but according to Dan “because of tv shows” it wasn’t the earliest they ever played… The band recently appeared on “Todays” show in NYC and that’s an early call time.

Bastille at RedBull Sound Space at KROQ 10/12/16. Setlist.Stryker went down the memory lane and reminded their keyboardist, Kyle Simmons, that the bearded musician owed him $4.99 worth of damages (for a trash can) from2013. Laughs ensued, but I made a note to myself never destroy Stryker’s personal belongings.

Bastille’s drummer, Chris “Woody” Wood, shared his most recent unhappy moment: “I had In-N-Out last night and waited 45 mins. I’m not happy.” “Welcome to LA!” yelled out someone from the crowd.

Stryker focused the interview on the musical influences in “Wild World” record asked Dan to share the story behind the new sound. The singer explained with his deep baritone voice “hip-hop is very broad” saying that it took them 3 years to make the record and they wanted to make it different hoping the people who loved the first record would love “Wild World” too. “It felt like a soundtrack”. Will Farquarson, the guitarist, laughed that he had to buy “a lot of new things … pedals and things” for the recording of the last LP since “there are a lot of guitars”. Don’t worry, Will. It was a great investment, I promise you.

The band spent weeks at the biggest studio in London to give you “Wild World” for your pleasure people so buy it, stream it, enjoy it… don’t steal it though, these boys need to pay Stryker back for that poor trash can … I still need to know what happened there.

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