Los Angeles, CA- Yasmine Hamdan is a pioneer in Middle Eastern pop music. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Yasmine’s music blends traditional Arabic music with contemporary electronic sounds. Since embarking on a solo career in 2012, she has made it a point of weaving the social and political themes she observes in her homeland into the music that she records.

Her latest single, “Balad”, is a politically-charged and timely song about immigration. For those who do not speak Arabic, the word “Balad” means “Country” and the video (which is accompanied with subtitles) has Yasmine’s passionately lilting voice express a powerful plea of the level of despair that the current police and political state in Beirut has reached. And the videos ending, with a powerful image of a bridge leading to nowhere, artfully expresses the despair visually.

Yasmine Hamdan will be doing a rare US performance in Los Angeles tomorrow (Nov 14) at El Rey. The language barrier notwithstanding, this is performance that we recommend checking out.

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