LOS ANGELES, CA- Wild Arrows releases “Animal,” a single that marks a significant resurgence in Mike Law’s passion for guitar music. This new offering from Wild Arrows comes on the heels of their acclaimed EP *Rejection Bloom* and the album *Loving the Void*. It draws on Law’s storied history within the DIY scenes of Boston and later NYC, where his bands shared stages with iconic groups from Fugazi to the Violent Femmes, and from Minus the Bear to Beach House.

“Animal” is not just a song; it’s an exploration of sound and story. Law describes the single as born from a newfound guitar tone that reignited his excitement for music—a tone discovered through a unique blend of amplifiers and pedals. The song was crafted in a whirlwind 17-hour session, inspired by Kim Deal’s philosophy of capturing musical ideas in the moment. This track narrates an intriguing tale of trading teeth with a lion, layered with Law’s signature sound that combines powerful guitar work with thoughtful lyrics.

Wild Arrows. Promo photo.
Wild Arrows. Promo photo.

The single signals a return to Law’s roots, embracing loud guitar riffs while maintaining the accessible production quality seen in *Rejection Bloom*. Gary Atturio, a regular collaborator, mixes the track, which showcases a blend of old influences and new experiments in sound.

This release is timely as Wild Arrows has two upcoming shows in California, promising fans a chance to experience the new material live:
– May 1 – San Francisco @ The Knockout
– May 2 – Los Angeles, CA @ Harvard & Stone

Law’s role as a musician’s musician is evident. His work has not only garnered the respect of peers but has also featured collaborations with influential artists like Alan Cage of Quicksand and Stephen Brodsky of Cave In. His recent endeavors have even seen him perform alongside legends like Patti Smith and Michael Stipe, reflecting his significant impact on the music industry.

“Animal” is thus a reflection of Law’s evolution and persistence, a track that promises to connect with fans old and new with its compelling narrative and vibrant guitar tones. As Wild Arrows continues to push the boundaries of indie rock, their latest single is a testament to Law’s enduring creativity and his ability to craft songs that resonate deeply with listeners.

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