LOS ANGELES, CA- “Would you rather be rich and famous or fit into the crowd, be nameless?” That’s the question that WENS asks on her new single “Rich & Famous”, and it’s a track that we can’t stop listening to. At 19 years old, this rising singer/songwriter is tackling some heady questions, and as long as they are accompanied by her mellifluous vocals, we’re all for giving her an ear.

Lyrically, WENS’ flow is impressively clear and succinct, while also filled with tons of emotional gravitas. The line “every little penny hurts/ everybody got scars”… Man, I feel that sentiment 100%. Of the song, WENS says:

“Growing up in LA has definitely had its pros and cons. It’s the city of stars but also the city where lots of peoples’ dreams never come true. I’ve constantly had this feeling of pressure to fit a certain mold to reach higher levels of success– but at the same time questioning what does success even mean? I used this song as an outlet for my frustrations about that struggle, making fun of the idea that you’re either rich & famous or a nobody.”

Sonically, I wish the second half of the chorus could drop just a tad harder, but that doesn’t take away from how lovely this cut is. Her gentle soprano voice literally glides all over the beat, and it’s hypnotic.  The melodic line goes up and down the scale, and gives the track pulsing, wave-like quality.

Peep the lyric video and let us know what you think in the comments!

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WENS. "Rich & Famous" Single Artwork.
WENS. “Rich & Famous” Single Artwork.