LOS ANGELES, CA- In the ever-evolving tapestry of the Los Angeles music scene, Hotel Ziggy on Sunset Boulevard emerges as a beacon of new talent, pulsating with the rhythm of emerging artists. It’s here, under the neon glow and amidst the vibrant thrum of the city, where Grant Owen’s We Found New Music showcase unfurls its latest offering, a tableau of raw talent and undiscovered gems waiting to polished. On a night where the air was thick with anticipation, I found myself weaving through the crowd, drawn by the allure of Devon Thompson’s live performance—a siren call I’d been eager to answer for some time.

As one who enjoys the twists of the unpredictable and eclectic, my familiarity with the night’s lineup was limited to Thompson’s resonant tracks, leaving the rest of the bill – Easae, Dawson Fuss, Tiana Goss, and Joe Sparrow – shrouded in mystery. But therein lies the beauty of Owen’s curation: a blind date with my favorite muse… music… where each act is a revelation, and the unknown becomes the main attraction. We Found New Music has consistently been a cornerstone for those eager for fresh sounds, and this night was no exception. From the first strum, the first note, the showcase transcended expectations, painting an auditory landscape as diverse as it was captivating.

Easae at Hotel Ziggy for WFNM 1/10/24. Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@DKLPHOTOS) for www.BlurredCulture.com.
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The first performer was Easae and she shines with a distinct glow. As the spotlight found Easae, seated gracefully on a stool, accompanied by her musical collaborator with guitar in hand, an air of anticipatory silence fell over the crowd. With a presence both humble and commanding, she embarked on a sonically exquisite journey, her voice a vessel of raw emotion and unfeigned passion. Surrounded by friends and fans, the atmosphere was intimate, almost as if Easae was sharing secrets through her songs, the kind that resonates deep within the soul.

Her set, predominantly mellow, was a masterclass in emotional storytelling. Each ballad, intricately woven with heartfelt lyrics, was delivered with a poise that only comes from genuine connection to the music. The power in her voice, often reserved, emerged in belting sections, not just as a display of vocal prowess, but as a means to elevate the emotional landscape of her performance.

A moment of unscripted beauty punctuated the set when a voice from the crowd, enamored by Easae’s vocals, declared, “I’m in love with you.” In a response that mirrored the sincerity of her music, Easae replied in kind, creating an unforgettable exchange that epitomized the essence of live music – unfiltered, spontaneous, and deeply human.

Dawson Fuss at Hotel Ziggy for WFNM 1/10/24. Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@DKLPHOTOS) for www.BlurredCulture.com.
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In the ever-changing landscape of alternative rock, Dawson Fuss emerges as a breath of fresh air, blending youthful energy with a depth that belies his years. A student at the University of Miami, where he hones his craft in contemporary voice and music industry at the prestigious Frost School of Music, Fuss is not just another college musician. His journey so far, marked by an impressive balance of academia and artistry, positions him as someone who has perhaps a bit of head start in the race to achieve of longevity in the competitive music industry.

Backed by a full band, his set was a fusion of upbeat alternative rock, each song pulsating with a vibrant energy that commanded attention. It was clear from the outset that his music, sourced from a deeply personal space, was more than mere performance; it was an expression of his journey, an insight into the soul of an artist.

Fuss’s affable nature shone through as he engaged with the audience. His humorous remark about the heat of his sweater not only lightened the mood but also showcased his ability to connect with the crowd on a level beyond music. The playful interaction, including a soft, cheeky suggestion from the audience to “take it off,” added a layer of relatability to his persona.

In conversation after the set, Fuss’s dedication to his craft became even more apparent. Balancing the rigors of university life with the demands of a burgeoning music career, he represents a new generation of artists for whom education and artistry go hand in hand. His time at the Frost School of Music is not just about academic achievement; it’s an integral part of his artistic journey, shaping him into a well-rounded musician with a clear vision for his future. He stands as a example for young, aspiring musicians, proving that with passion, dedication, and a willingness to learn, the stage is set for a bright future.

Tiana Goss at Hotel Ziggy for WFNM 1/10/24. Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@DKLPHOTOS) for www.BlurredCulture.com.
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In the dynamic realm of R&B and Hip Hop, Tiana Goss emerges with and artistry and authenticity that is both rare and exhilarating. Goss brings her own perspective to a genre rich with history and evolution. Her journey in music, seems marked by a keen understanding of rhythm and an innate ability to fuse genres, creating a sound that is uniquely her own.

At the We Found New Music showcase, Tiana Goss took the stage with an aura of confidence that immediately captivated the audience. It was clear from the first note that she was not just performing; she was living each lyric, each beat. Her understanding and feel for R&B/Hip Hop were palpable, creating an atmosphere that was electric with energy and emotion.

The room, packed with her crew and fans, pulsed with a collective vibe, a testament to Goss’s ability to not only perform but to create an experience. Her set, a seamless blend of original tracks and covers, showcased her versatility as an artist. However, it was her rendition of The Isley Brothers’ classic “Footsteps” that stood out. Faithful to the original, her rendition only strengthened that “vibe” I spoke about above. 

Tiana Goss’s performance was more than a showcase of talent; it was a declaration of her place in the music world. Her ability to connect with the audience, to transform a song into an experience, speaks volumes about her potential. In a genre that thrives on authenticity and connection, Goss is a natural. Her performance at the showcase was a glimpse into what I hope will be an impactful career.

Devon Thompson at Hotel Ziggy for WFNM 1/10/24. Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@DKLPHOTOS) for www.BlurredCulture.com.
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In an era where authenticity in rock music is a prized commodity, Devon Thompson stands out as a purveyor of unadulterated, raw rock and roll. I found out about her music during the solitude of the pandemic lockdown, and her journey in music has been a beacon for those seeking refuge in the gritty, honest realms of rock. Thompson’s approach to her craft is refreshingly straightforward – no frills, no pretense, just pure, heartfelt rock.

As Devon Thompson took the stage at the We Found New Music showcase, there was a palpable sense of anticipation among those who, like myself, had been following her music journey. Known for her no-nonsense approach to live performance, Thompson and her band embody the ethos of traditional rock and roll – what you see is what you get. In an industry increasingly reliant on backing tracks and digital enhancements, Thompson’s commitment to raw, live music is both rare and commendable. From the first chord, it was evident that Thompson’s performance was going to be a visceral experience. Her music, characterized by a raw energy and an unfiltered edge, really resonated with me

Thompson’s between-song banter revealed the core philosophy of her band: a dedication to authenticity and a rejection of the artificial. This approach, while challenging, sets her apart in a genre often criticized for losing its edge. In Devon Thompson’s music, there’s a sense of returning to the roots of rock and roll, a reminder of what made the genre so revolutionary in the first place.

As she powered through her set, it was clear that Thompson is not just a musician; she’s a torchbearer for a genre in need of revival. Her music, steeped in the traditions of rock but infused with a modern sensibility, strikes a chord with those yearning for music that’s real, unprocessed, and unapologetically loud. Devon performance was a statement – a declaration of the enduring power of rock music. For those of us who crave the raw, unfiltered essence of live rock, Thompson is a revelation. As she continues to carve her path in the music industry, one thing is certain: Devon Thompson is rekindling the flame of true rock and roll, one electrifying performance at a time.

Joe Sparrow at Hotel Ziggy for WFNM 1/10/24. Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@DKLPHOTOS) for www.BlurredCulture.com.
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As the We Found New Music showcase neared its climax, Joe Sparrow took the stage, primed to ensure the evening ended on a high note. In a night already rich with diverse musical talent, Sparrow’s set stood out with its club-ready beats and an unmistakable energy that transformed the venue into a pulsating hub of dance and rhythm.

Sparrow exudes a an engaging charisma. His tenor voice, a perfect complement to the upbeat tempo of his tracks, added a layer of smooth sophistication to his music. It’s a rare skill to balance club beats with vocal prowess, and Sparrow does it with an ease that speaks to his deep understanding of his genre. His performance, infused with Chromeo-esque vibes, was expertly delivered, was designed not just to be heard, but to be felt. The beats resonated through the crowd, a unifying force that had feet moving and hearts racing.

A highlight of Sparrow’s set was his rendition of Michael Jackson’s iconic “Billie Jean”. Covering a song so deeply ingrained in the public consciousness is no small feat, yet Sparrow approached it with a respect and flair that was admirable. His version paid homage to the King of Pop while infusing his unique style, resulting in a performance that was both familiar and fresh.


Each artist etched their unique signature into the canvas of the evening. The raw rock of Devon Thompson, the ethereal notes of Easae, the poignant lyrics of Dawson Fuss, Tiana Goss’s soulful melodies, and the club vibes of Joe Sparrow – all converging to create an experience that was as much an exploration as it was a celebration of the new wave of music talent. We Found New Music hit it out of the park with this showcase, creating an event that was an ode to the pulsating heart of the music scene, to the artists who are the lifeblood of its future, and to the relentless pursuit of musical discovery. In a world where the only constant is change, We Found New Music remains a steadfast lighthouse, guiding us to the notes of the next big thing.

Tonight, the music spoke, and we listened, spellbound.

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WFNM at Hotel Ziggy 1/10/24. Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@DKLPHOTOS) for www.BlurredCulture.com.
WFNM at Hotel Ziggy 1/10/24. Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@DKLPHOTOS) for www.BlurredCulture.com.