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Valentina @ L.A. PRIDE 6/11/17 // Photo by Summer Dos Santos (@SummerDosSantos) for www.BlurredCulture.com.
Valentina @ L.A. PRIDE 6/11/17 // Photo by Summer Dos Santos (@SummerDosSantos) for www.BlurredCulture.com.


In case you aren’t familiar with the world of drag, here’s a quick synopsis. Drag queens have been a staple in gay nightlife and entertainment for years. They are known to incorporate fashion, popular songs, dance, and even sometimes comedy into their acts. One of the first and most prominent drag queens, Rupaul, has introduced these talented individuals to the world via his television show, Rupaul’s Drag Race. The show has brought drag queens and their gifts to the masses, familiarizing many households with gay culture. Currently, Drag Race is on it’s 9th season and features many unique queens with never-before-seen looks and talents. One of which is Valentina. This latinx queen immediately won over hearts with her ear-to-ear grin and persistent positivity. Due to an unfortunate lip-sync battle, Valentina’s hopes of winning the crown came to an end. Despite her demise on the show, she has skyrocketed to fame and is known for her impeccable attention to details, as well as her fashion forward wardrobe.

Valentina was featured twice on the Latin stage on Sunday for two different 15 minute sets. For her first set of the day, she was over half an hour late. Despite her tardiness, the second she sashayed on stage, the crowd erupted into screams. Valentina has an impressive ability to entertain and hold the gaze of hundreds at once. She mesmerized the crowd with her lip-synchs to Spanish songs, graceful movements, and of course her unforgettable smile. Her flamenco-inspired floor length dress was in-line with typical Valentina fashion. She has been doing drag for less than a quarter of the time that most of the popular drag queens in the circuit have been performing, and yet she has had a lightening fast rise to fame. Many may be envious of her sudden success, but few can say isn’t deserved.

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