Jay Dot Rain drops “Ball & G” a sampled, smooth, bass filled southern track. Blurred Culture teamed up with this rising southern star to create the colorful visuals directed by yours truly Peter Sobat. Shot in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles I met up with Jay and his team at the coffee spot on the corner. I met Jay way back when I was with Hip Hop DX and ended up directing a video with him for DX. After hearing some of his new work I was impressed as he continued to grow as an artist and push his style further. I shot him a txt message and told him it was “Time to work”. Now this brings us to a coffee shop on the corner where before the shoot I asked Jay a few questions….


How did you get your start?

• I had a very unconventional start to rapping. I had no intention of being a artist until my homies insisted. Before rap, I did a lot of poetry. I wrote shit for girls and stuff. One day while at my homie Pluto’s crib, they made me rap one of my poems and it just fit. That moment was crazy. They’ve been pushing me since.

How would you describe your music?

• My music is very southern, but with a updated flavor. I take from all genres. and I’m not afraid to try shit. I speak on shit from a level where everybody can understand. Motivational, Vibe shit.

What is your opinion of the current state of hiphop?

• I think it’s in a very experimental place. Everybody has an open canvas to try anything. Music is just fun right now.

What’s next for you?

• My debut album. It’s already titled. I think i’m ready to put together a body of work and give it the proper treatment. Roll out, visuals, all the way out with this one.

No questions asked Jay will continue to create dope art and remain fearless in the creation of that art constantly pushing the envelope of hip hop. Keep your ears and eyes opened as Jay Dot Rain has only begun.