With his latest EP, the emerging UK rapper Skatta has shown personal growth as an artist and developed his ability to be recognised in the grime scene and wider society. On Hardships EP, he raises a megaphone for the voices of the downtrodden.

Hardships is the second project to drop this year from the inspired grime MC, following his knockout EP Fight Night Flows. Speaking up against social injustices, Skatta channels life’s struggles into an impressive project that further cements his name into West Midlands’ top newcomers.

The 7-track EP is out now, and was led by the music video for Hardships which includes footage from Skatta’s experiences in recent anti-racism protests, at the Black Lives Matter march in his home city of Coventry, in the West Midlands of the UK.

Stream Skatta – Hardships EP here and watch the video below!