Devin the Dude celebrates a birthday today so I want to start off by just saying happy BLOWN Day my G! The Houston, Texas MC is a pivotal figure in the hip hop landscape. Rappers from Snoop Dogg to Wiz Khalifa have singled out Devin as one of their favorite artists and just last year Kendrick Lamar gave Devin some props as he stated he was directly inspired by Devin’s flow to develop his own. The Dude is not only one of the most humble and likable MC’s in the game but also he has one of the best stage shows you will ever see. If you haven’t seen Dev live I highly recommend it as it’s a sight to behold. Only Razel can create cooler sound effects using his vocals then Devin. Sometimes you’re not sure if It’s the DJ or Dev who’s making the scratching sounds. Check out this stream of a live Devin show bellow at this years 420 festival in Orange County, CA….

Devin’s live shows are a smokey, stoney look into the mind of a true entertainer. Humors, inspirational and down right entertaining he is one of the greats that’s still doing it today. Devin also closes out his shows in the most unique way. It’s no mystery that Devin loves Drones, RC Cars and anything that is remotely controlled so why not break out a drone and fly it over the crowd at the end of your set? Check out this video of Devin flying his drone over the stoned crowd.

Back when Blurred Culture was just a fledging site I knew I had to create some original content inorder to separate us from the normal music blog. Thats when I approached Devin & his manager Rico with the idea of a late night talk show called the Devin The Dude Show. To my surprise they loved the idea and I was on a flight the following week to Houston to film the show. Check out the playlist bellow of the Devin The Dude Show. I promise you all we are working on getting it back!

We salute you Devin on your birthday and thank you for helping us build a following on our site. I personally thank you for making some of the best fucking music I have ever heard, music I listen to weekly and music that makes happy, inspired and determined to never give up and oh, stay high as fuck! Happy Birthday Devin!!! Oooooh Yeaaaahh…