The Pittsburgh Steelers returned from Jacksonville after their 10th win of the season. But you wouldn’t know they knew. The Steelers continue to win and continue to remain the topic of conversation across the NFL, but they aren’t talking about themselves in the facility.
“We don’t really talk about our undefeated season at all,” Stephon Tuitt said on Monday. “We treat every week as if it’s a new week and we always keep preaching the types of games that we’re in.”
A dominant 27-3 win over the Jaguars in Week 11 left everyone beginning to talk about what could be. The Steelers have never been 10-0 before. They’ve were never 8-0 before this season. But after every win, the expectation of an eventual loss grows.  “I wouldn’t say it feels routine and I wouldn’t say it feels normal,” Eric Ebron said on the Steelers’ win streak. “We have a purpose. And when your purpose is bigger than everything else, then it makes these games not as celebratory. We’re not as like, ‘We won, yay.’ We’re like, ‘Ok, we’ve got 10 wins, how the hell do we get 11? We’ve got 11 wins, how do we get 12?’ “I feel like this team has a purpose, and when you wake up with a purpose, and you do things with a purpose, it causes for things to be done the right way, things are done the proper way. Everybody knows what page we’re on.” 
The Steelers aren’t talking about winning. They also aren’t talking about their record. They are talking about the ultimate NFL goal, though. To ‘ease the hunger’ as Ebron was asked in his press conference Monday, the Steelers need to do one thing. “You win a Super Bowl.” “That’s the only way you get full off this,” Ebron explained. “At the end of the day, if we didn’t win the Super Bowl, then going 10-0 was so pointless.”

So, is there pressure on this undefeated Steelers team? Are double-digit wins or a one-game lead over the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC leave any extra baggage?  “We already made history, what’s the pressure?” Ebron said. “I’d rather our loss come now. Knock on wood that we don’t lose, but I’d rather our loss come now than then. We not trippin’. “We’re not too concerned with our record, that’s why we don’t talk about it. Because we don’t care that we’re 10-0. We have won purpose and if we don’t fulfill that purpose than ultimately we fail.”