Los Angeles, CA- In a transparent interview right before their sold out show at The Moroccan Lounge, Run River North shared with Blurred Culture about their transition from a sextet to a trio, as well as the message behind their new EPs Monsters Calling Home Vol. 1 and 2 (former name of the band). Run River North also shares many plans for the bands bright future.

Prior to the band taking the stage, we got to have a short chat with Run River North’s Alex Hwang where he got to briefly talk about the new direction Run River North is taking.


Welcome back! How does it feel about to take your first steps back on the stage?

“It feels exciting and nervous, I feel like FINALLY. You know it’s been a while and it’s really new.”

While observing the album art, I’ve noticed more Korean writing. Is there a specific message or ties behind the new music the band is releasing?

“We’re just embracing more of who we are, and not being so defensive or coy or indirect or passive about it. Just being active and taking it for what it is. I feel like the older we get we’re realizing how much we did care about what other people thought. As much as it’s really important to be self aware and to know you’re not just in a bubble, there’s also a factor of: okay, yeah … there’s somethings that we are and let’s own up to it and embrace it. To be playful and have fun with it, rather than being ashamed. So not to be ashamed of things.”

We’re aware that the band recently transitioned from a sextet to a trio, is there a point of view from the band that you’d like to share?

“I think that’s the hardest thing in a band, to survive. You’re dealing with so many different people and different aspirations. Just to have the same goal between six people, it was already a very difficult thing. So we’re excited but it’s bittersweet. Some relationships are going to take longer to repair, but others like Joe, our bassist, is taking photos outside! Yeah, it’s just a hard thing to do, being in a band is very difficult. I’m just very grateful that Daniel and Sally still want to do this because they are really talented and they’re really blossoming into some of the most fantastic musicians I know personally. So, I’m super happy they’re still around to tell stories.”

Where do you guys hope to be after the tour is over?

“I think just getting back into a groove and right when we finish the tour, we’re actually going to go into the studio to record our second EP because we have enough songs to kinda get going. We just want to by the end of the year, tour again. So do another headlining tour in fall with even more songs. So yeah, that’s our headspace. We have a lot of songs that we want to try out, and we want to see if people are into it.”

So we can expect to see a lot more coming from you?

“Absolutely! Even today’s show we’re playing three or four new songs that haven’t even been recorded. We’re already kinda getting ahead of ourselves with stuff.”

I love that! Plan for the future.

“Yes! Plan For The Future, and Play Right Now!

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Run River North @ The Moroccan Lounge 4/26/19. Photo by Bryan Greenberg (@bdgstills). Used with permission.
Run River North @ The Moroccan Lounge 4/26/19. Photo by Bryan Greenberg (@bdgstills). Used with permission.