MIAMI, FL- Even after 15+ months of quarantining, it’s nice to know that there are still some bad dates and dudes in our futures… At least, that’s what I imagine (the fictional) Diane Damone (played by Brittany Brave) would say in the comedic web series “The Disastrous Dating Life of Diane Damone.”

There are two episodes produced thus far of this Vimeo series created by Joseph Patrick Conroy, and both are brief yet telling tales of the types of folk we run into in life’s big dating stream and the splashes of self-doubt that accompany them. Brave plays the titular Diane with spunk and easily finds her groove with her male counterparts.

Each episode focuses on one disastrous dude and Diane’s inner and outer planning to seemingly try and make it work – at least for the time being. In one episode, Diane has a “La La Land”-esque meet-cute with hunky French doctor Jean-Luc – who later turns out to be a married father who thinks monogamy isn’t “for him.” In another episode, sexy Brad with all the abs seems perfect on paper – except he begins to interrogate her on their date and thinks she is “too strong” of a woman for him when she bites back.

Diane spends time in both episodes debating on how to make a bad situation work, which in this day and age, can be concerning. Despite her desire to keep the sexy times rolling with these guys who seemingly have it all, it’s her core belief in, y’know, love and commitment and being a strong woman that helps her overcome her doubts and kick him to the curb. Brave plays this strongly with a sharp wit and a focused realized eye.

Brave is also a producer and co-writer on the series, along with creator Conroy and Amerikana Media. Plans for more episodes have yet to be announced, but it would be a welcome sight for anyone with past, present, or even preparing for the future experiences with dating, and its sometimes less than great results.

Watch an episode of “The Disastrous Dating Life of Diane Damone” below, and check out the rest of the series and catch new episodes on Vimeo!

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