LOS ANGELES, CA- Sometimes artistic talent can be passed down through blood. That seems to be the case with Rainey Qualley p/k/a “Rainsford”. Born in 1990, the LA based singer/songwriter/actress is the daughter to actress/model Andie MacDowell and sister to dancer/actress Margaret Qualley, and she has been independently blazing her own path in the music world having topped a variety of “Ones to Watch” lists, getting featured in numerous publications from L’Officiel, Flaunt and American Songwriter, and racking up about 4 million streams on Spotify all without traditional major label marketing support.

On March 22nd, Rainsford dropped her latest single, the ultra sultry “Passionate”. As its title suggests, the song is an emotional plea of desire to let go of physical inhibitions while being tempered by the “what shall not pass”  circumstances of life.

Of the song, Rainsford says:

Passionate is a song about feeling so much for someone but being unable to act on what you both want so badly.  In the lyrics i’m describing a few intimate moments that were incredibly impactful for me. “Looking at you through the aquarium…. i’m wanting more”… “cutting your hair, i kept a piece of it”… Simple things that meant so much to me because that’s all there could be.

Have a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Rainsford. "Passionate" Promo Pic. Courtesy of Purple Bite. Used with permission.
Rainsford. “Passionate” Promo Pic. Courtesy of Purple Bite. Used with permission.