LOS ANGELES, CA-  Izzy Bizu (Isobel Beardshaw) jumped into the spotlight back in 2016 when she released her hit single “White Tiger” and earned the prestigious distinction of being named a BRITs Critics’ Choice finalist as well as being named BCC Introducing Artist of the Year.  The London based recording artist is looking to jump back into the spotlight this year with her forthcoming EP Glita and has just released the EP’s lead track “Lights On”.

Izzy’s vocals take center stage on this track, really letting the jazzy, neo-soul facets of her voice shine through. The attention to detail with the melodic delivery of the lyrics is reminiscent of vintage Erykah Badu and the vibe is simply mesmerizing.

On her new single, Izzy explains:

Lights On’ is about throwing caution to the wind and going with what you feel rather than what you think (or what you think other people will think). It’s about growing up and losing your inhibitions, but there is a loss of innocence in that and it can be easy to lose your way

In addition to “Lights On”, Glita will have four other new tracks as well as a reworking of the previously released “Someone That Loves You,” featuring none other than Coldplay‘s Chris Martin.

You should keep an eye (and ear) on Izzy Bizu. If the rest of her EP is as dope at “Lights On”, we’re sure the 5 track set will be a banger.

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Izzy Bizu. Press shot. Courtesy of Red Music. Used with permission.
Izzy Bizu. Press shot. Courtesy of Red Music. Used with permission.