How did you start your magazine?

Around 5 years ago I launched my first art blog at the time when I really needed a creative outlet. I start interviewing artists (musicians, actors, photographers, and others) and sharing their stories. And since finding and sharing music has always been something I loved the most, the blog transitioned to become a platform it is now and got a new name: Surfing Sound Waves, that to me perfectly describes the process of finding and listening to the music. I cover music that personally inspires me, interview amazing artists, cover music events and shows, and spotlight new music daily on Instagram. I’m beyond happy to be sharing my love and passion for music with thousands of people around the world.

Was it ever an option to do a print version?

Well, I will confess I am a total magazine junkie, I buy magazines all the time. At some point I would love to do a print version, it’s something I’d love to do when I have a bigger audience. For now, I know to keep reaching a wide range of people, I have to stay online and start using more platforms like YouTube and podcasting.

Do you work by yourself or do you have a team? 

It’s just me, but I do hire people occasionally when there is a specific project that needs to be completed! In 2020 I want to have a full-time team of creatives to be able to expand.

How do you balance work and private life?

I’m always working on balance by disconnecting from social media and spending time outdoors, working out, surfing, and spending time with friends. Because I’m pursuing my dreams, it’s hard not to be connected 24/7. So, the best way to balance work and life is disconnecting and spending time with people I love, as well as self-care and recharging myself.

What are you the proudest of thus far in your professional journey?

Not giving up, haha. Seriously though, the amount of rejection I initially got from labels and management companies made things tough, and at some point I thought I was being delusional thinking I could make this happen, then the tides started turning in my favor. Like in every profession, it is all about paying your dues and earning respect and just sticking with what you believe in.

What business move(s) are you contemplating before or in 2020?

One of the biggest goals I have is to start hosting music showcases in LA. Also tackling YouTube and starting a podcast is definitely on my list!

What are your 5 favorite songs right now?

Jessie Reyez – Far Away

Dermot Kennedy – Lost 

Hollow Coves – Patience 

Halsey – Graveyard

Sofi de la Torre – Pero No

What are the best things about living in Venice?

Oh my, living in Venice is FUN. I’ve been living here half a block from the boardwalk for more than 8 years! I feel like it’s is a big part of why I decided to stick around in LA, even though some years were a complete rollercoaster and I was on the verge of giving up and moving elsewhere. This place is kinda crazy,but  it definitely kept me sane! I’m very happy here and being able to be so close to the ocean makes me feel so blessed. The community here has changed a lot, even in the past few years, Venice is now a trendy tech place. There are still loads of artists, surfers, and creative laidback people, but more and more tech and business vibes for sure.  

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