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Pop-Up Magazine. Photo by Jon Snyder. Used With Permission.
Pop-Up Magazine. Photo by Jon Snyder. Used With Permission.

On February 22nd in San Fransisco, Pop-Up Magazine will embark on another storytelling tour, sharing with new and returning fans their current incarnation of a “live magazine”. Each evening of story is designed specifically for a live format. With a variety of highly regarded minds and talents scheduled to share their respective presentations at each stop on this Winter 2017 tour, audiences will be afforded the opportunity to witness true, never-before seen or heard multimedia stories performed about the world around us.

Pop-Up Magazine Contributor Jamie Meltzer. Photo by Jon Snyder. Used With Permission.Some presentations are accompanied by illustrations, animations, photography, sound, film, and often an original score, performed onstage by musical collaborators Magik*Magik Orchestra. Story topics are unknown up until each storyteller takes the stage. It could be about politics (which topic I’d happily place a bet on) or it could be about food. It could be about sports or it could be about science. This uncertainty stirs the anticipation and only adds to the singular experience.

What separates Pop-Up Magazine from other theatrical presentations is its ephemeral nature. The performances are not live-streamed, nor are they even recorded for posterity. It’s one of those “you had to be there” type experiences. Once the stories are told, and unless the presenter decides to further expound upon the subject matter in the future, they reside only in one’s memory. It is an experience that is especially crafted for that specific moment in time.

Pop-Up Magazine. Photo by Jon Snyder. Used With Permission.The events are produced by the creators of the National Magazine Award-winning The California Sunday Magazine and have been heralded as “a sensation” by the New York Times, “fast-paced, loose, often funny, and wholly unpredictable,” by the San Francisco Chronicle, “beautiful” by the Los Angeles Times, and “highbrow/brilliant” by New York Magazine.

Pop-Up Magazine’s 2017 winter tour which also makes stops in Los Angeles (2/24), New York City (3/2), Portland (3/7), Seattle (3/9), and, for the first time ever, in Washington, D.C. (2/28), and Austin (3/4). Tickets are still available in select cities, and you can head over to the official website by CLICKING HERE to purchase the same.

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