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LONG BEACH, CA- Mr.Flower Fantastic stole the show at ComplexCon 2018 with six foot tall Jordan 1 dominating his space and a fridge filled with different colorways. The New York-based floral artist presented his work live and shared “special deliveries” across the convention center for fans to find. The smell of fresh roses surrounded the area and every person passing by couldn’t help but stop and take a picture of the booth.

The recent growth of his blossoming business happened within a few months after creating pieces for the U.S. Open in support of Serena Williams, Virgil Abloh and their Nike Air Max. However, the uniqueness of his artistry encapsulates the unlimited opportunities ComplexCon represents. His background gardening with his mom and combining that with his love for sneakers happened naturally.

As he continues to create beautifully sculpted floral pieces, Mr. Flower Fantastic is the epitome of what happens when you embrace your passion. Despite being allergic to some of the flowers he works with, he says he turns his “weakness into his strength” explaining the use of his mask and gloves. His choice of anonymity coincides with what he says “is his acceptance of the powerful universal gift of flowers to humanity.”

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