Genie Exum has nearly 183,000 likes on her OnlyFans page and more than 38,000 followers on Instagram.

An OnlyFans performer, who was arrested after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend, shared a video to Instagram of herself inside a New York City police station. On Monday evening, police went to the Hudson Yards apartment of Genie Exum, 22, who has nearly 183,000 likes on her OnlyFans page. Exum’s boyfriend called the police, stating that he had been assaulted after an argument with Exum, the NYPD said in an emailed statement. Exum allegedly stabbed the 30-year-old man in the arm and back. At some point during the dispute, Exum allegedly stabbed her boyfriend with a kitchen knife, according to the statement. The boyfriend was transported to a local hospital in stable condition.

Exum, who was arraigned and charged with felony assault in the second degree, according to the NYPD and Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, later re-posted a short video to her Instagram, where she has more than 38,000 followers, which appeared to be taken by a friend and showed her sitting in what appeared to be a police station. “They took my phone y’all I’m on the trap [right now]” she wrote. Exum played the song “Locked Up” by Akon over the seconds-long clip. Exum has since been released without bail, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. A public defender for Exum from the Neighborhood Defenders Service of Harlem did not immediately respond to a request for comment made by NBC News.