LOS ANGELES, CA- Envision if you will, BoywithUke inked with rebel etchings on his digits and laced with a slice of anarchic chic. Or Field Medic, spitting rhymes as if born to the beat. Marching into this panorama is Oh Bummer!, the auditory alter ego of Tanner Houghton, here to slake our craving for such a fusion, with a sly chuckle along the ride. A Seattle native, now marinating his melodies in the glow of the City of Angels, Houghton (they/he) has tasted the anarchic waters of punk and dipped into the sugar bowl of pop. With Oh Bummer!, they unveil a daring foray into a solo symphony. With the backbone of folk and its narrative rawness, Houghton stitches tales with acerbic, self-effacing humor, soundtracking our shared journey over life’s haphazard cobblestones with a knowing glance and a wry smile.

The sonic threads that compose Houghton’s vocal delivery marry a listlessness with an up-close-and-personal touch, married perfectly to the comfort of bedroom-pop and the innovative pulse of trip-hop rhythms, crafting a vein of anti-pop that thrums with genuineness and empathy. It’s the anthem for the out-of-place, the souls who’ve brushed against the bristles of not quite fitting in. In their own words, Houghton’s music is an amalgam of their deepest ruminations – a raw confession from one enmeshed in the quagmire of overthought, the comrades of depression and ADHD by their side.

Now comes “Stupid”, Oh Bummer!’s fresh drop, infusing chilled hip-hop into introspective verses. The track stands as a whimsical contemplation of personal misjudgments. Oh Bummer! muses:

“This song is inspired by a lifelong battle with impulsiveness and embarrassment. Whether or not alcohol is involved, I’ve had a knack for being a big dummy. Sometimes my anxiety puts me into autopilot, and unfortunately, my autopilot has no filter and terrible comedic timing.”

Beneath the jest, it’s a tune that feels like shedding the weight of self-critique and truly embracing reckless abandon.

In the kaleidoscopic landscape of today’s music, Oh Bummer! emerges as a sanctuary for the eclectic, the misinterpreted, and the unabashedly odd. Tanner Houghton isn’t just producing melodies; they’re forging a sanctuary for the outliers, for those crafting the soundtrack of embracing one’s true skin. Catch Oh Bummer! tonight at Genghis Cohen (3/6/24).  Tickets are available here HERE

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Oh Bummer! Press photo by Wes & Alex. Used with permission.
Oh Bummer! Press photo by Wes & Alex. Used with permission.