LOS ANGELES, CA- I’m totally feeling this 24-year-old, Maryland-born and Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter named MyKey. You should be too.

Not only is he multi-talented (he sings, plays every instrument on his songs, produces, engineers and even shoots his own videos), but if you listen to his repertoire online, you can just hear the breadth of his creativity and can tell that he hasn’t even tapped into the entirety of it yet. His will be an ever-evolving journey, and I’m super excited to keep an eye on how he develops his sound and what he creates in the years to come.

His latest single, “Please Don’t’ Go”, is a ditty that’s about as infectious as they come.  It’s a song that has him semi-nonchalantly reflecting on getting over an ex-lover (“Please don’t go, I’m just kidding, I won’t be missing you”).  The semi-tropical groove gives the song an added sense of freedom despite MyKey’s casually dreamy vocals.

The video is as impressive as the song. Self-directed by MyKey on an iPhone in the streets of Los Angeles, we find MyKey freely skating on rollerblades throughout the video. It’s a not so subtle metaphor about him skating by his past relationship.

“Please Don’t Go” marks his very first official release for Warner Records, and I’m hoping for more gems like this one.

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MyKey. Photo courtesy of Warner Records. Used with permission.
MyKey. Photo courtesy of Warner Records. Used with permission.