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T-Shirts worn at FYF 2017.

Los Angeles, CA- When it comes to music festival fashions, many people, like myself, attend the musical festivities wearing t-shirts that have the logo or image of their favorite recording. At FYF this year, on each of the three days, I wore the t-shirts of bands that I figured most people at the festival would likely not be familiar with (SWIMM, The Record Company and SlowKiss). Not only were the three shirts insanely comfortable (soft cotton is a definite must for me), but if anybody at the festival gave me props on the shirt, that’s a pretty sure indicator of a person with good taste 😉

Most of the music shirts I saw had designs of acts that were slated to perform during the festival:

Some of the artists performing have made a killing on their merchandise, as various designs were worn:

But the t-shirts weren’t just limited to just acts performing during the weekend. People wore shirts that spoke to their own personal tastes:

Friends and couples even got into the t-shirt spirit:

There were even shirts that made me giggle, whether they were thematically funny or amusing because it was a play on a legendary logo:

I noticed that one particular recording artist was strongly represented on the fronts and back of music patrons at FYF, and it was a band that was neither on the bill or had ever played FYF: Hiatus Kaiyote. I’m sure that Paul and Simon (the band’s bassist and keyboardist, respectively) got a kick out of seeing so many of their shirts during the weekend, as I’m fairly certain that they were attending as guests.

I wanted to give mad props for these music lovers that wore the shirt below. Man … I’d kill for FYF reunite Siouxsie and the Banshees.

But whatever you wear on your body, as long as it’s true to you, it’s a badge of honor, and  a representation of your personality. At the end of the day, wear what make your comfortable, inside and out, and let the music take control.

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