Snowmen, for a lot of us, are synonymous with days off school and spending weekends at the park, wrapped up making our human-like figures. The ‘snowman’ is at at the forefront of our childhood winter memories – waking up, looking outside, seeing the snow and then going downstairs to demand our guardians hand over a carrot and some buttons we can use in order to build our beloved snowmen.

But are we wrong to be referring to them as ‘men’?

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen the rise of the term ‘gender fluid’, a concept some portions of society have continued to be challenged by, but one which has seen great strides in its social and cultural understanding – the idea a person doesn’t necessarily identify as having a fixed gender regardless of their biological make-up. Problems occasionally arise in society when accepted norms are challenged and people feel their way of life is being threatened. Unfortunately, gender-fluidity falls into the ‘threatening’ category for a lot a people – turns out – there are some who see the idea of Snowmen being renamed to something more gender fluid like ‘Snowperson’, as a real threat to their way of life.  For a lot of people, the first question which springs to mind is: Are we really living in a world where we’re unable to refer to snowmen as ‘men’ – despite being a character hand-built form our imaginations – for fear of offending a portion of society? However, it turns out some people think it is a good idea. Take a look at the twitter posts bellow…