LOS ANGELES, CA- Luna Shadows, the LA-based artist and producer, has once again graced our ears with her new single “little rituals,” proving that her musical journey is one that continually evolves and surprises. Coming off her strong debut album “Digital Pacific,” her new single, “little rituals”, is a beautiful blend of sun-soaked melancholy and introspective lyrics, all wrapped in her light, ethereal vocals. The track opens with crisp electric guitars, setting a tone that’s both nostalgic and refreshingly new. There’s a sense of yearning and uncertainty in her lyrics, a struggle between passion and peace, which she encapsulates perfectly with the line, “ooh take my pain away / wait, give it all back / I want it all back.”

What’s particularly exciting about this new release is how it hints at Luna Shadows’ growth as an artist. In “Digital Pacific,” she took us through a digital dreamscape, with themes of self-affirmation and disillusionment. The album was a mesmerizing mix of electronica, but with “little rituals,” Shadows takes a step back from the digital world and delves into a more acoustic and heartfelt territory. If you make me compare it too something, the first comparison that sprung into mind was Fleetwood Mac. IMHO, strong Stevie Nicks vibes.

Her collaboration with Bradley Hale (Now, Now) seems to have brought out a different side of her musical persona. The single exudes a sense of rediscovering joy and levity, a theme that is also reflected in its accompanying music video. Shot in the mountains of Topanga, CA, on 16mm film, the video is a visual representation of finding purpose and a sense of belonging.

The single follows her haunting track “witches’ brew,” where Shadows explored themes of societal ostracization and personal struggle. It seems that her upcoming sophomore LP will continue to dive into deep emotional waters, but with a shift from electronic to more folk-inspired sounds.

It’s exciting  to witness an artist like Luna Shadows evolve and experiment with her sound. Her journey from the electronic depths of “Digital Pacific” to the emotive indie-folk resonances in “little rituals” speaks volumes of her versatility and artistic growth. If this single is anything to go by, her sophomore LP promises to be a compelling and soulful exploration of her talents. Luna Shadows is not just a musician; she’s a storyteller, and I, for one, am eager to hear the rest of the stories she has to tell in her upcoming album.

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Luna Shadows- Little Rituals. Press photo. Photo Credit: Lissyelle Laricchia. Used with permission.
Luna Shadows- Little Rituals. Press photo. Photo Credit: Lissyelle Laricchia. Used with permission.