Many stores are good in Long Beach but there is only one store that is flat out the best and that is “The Bakerie”. The first thing I noticed and loved about the shop was it’s massive parking lot. It was extremely well lit and protected by security. Also the accessibility was great, on the corner of the 710 and PCH in the heart of Long Beach.

Once I entered I was greeted by friendly staff and I really liked the way the place was set up. The menu was on point with all the big names, Cookes, Stiizy, Back Pack Boyz and more. But it was the house brands that I really liked. The Bakerie is a vertical enterprise so it was amazing to see how great the quality was for such a low price. With inflation going crazy in 2022 its insane to see someone finally offering people a deal. I can’t express enough how dope this place is and how lucky we are here in Long Beach to have “The Bakerie”. Check out some of their dope content bellow and be sure to swing by 1834 Harbor Ave in Long Beach to get some of the best weed in California.