I have never before been to a California weed shop offering so much top shelf dank at affordable lower prices. And I have been a consumer here for over twenty years.
 The Bakerie LBC is the best! A truly friendly modern place offering a farm-to-table vibe where you can cop a Bakerie eighth  for only $50!!! If you didn’t know, Bakerie grows the amazing strains for Cookies such as Pave, Doggy Bagg, Gary Payton and more – making it worth your while to grab some savings by making that trip down to Long Beach.
This store has it all: friendly staff, almost brand new building (excuse their remodeling!), the menu you crave and beyond. Location is at 1834 Harbor Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90810 and just off the 710 and PCH.
The Bakerie LBC is the new kid on the block and formerly the From the Earth dispensary. They’d love to have you visit!