Breaking thru in the hip hop scene is never something which should be taken with complacency. As a new artist you’re required to show a good ear for dope production, a wide diction which makes the listener think, and  a solid respect for the art form! This is exactly what East London based C.A.M has done with his debut project ‘The First Move’ EP which dropped last week on Bandcamp.

“Each track is a sonic reflection of my deepest thoughts at each point.” insists C.A.M, who has not only rejected the superficial content you might be bored of, but gone deep into the abyss of lyricism, referencing ancient schools of thought, and sending the listener on a journey through his mind’s eye.

The EP, which has seven tracks and two skits delivers an early Christmas present for fans of boom bap hip hop, and it’s clear that C.A.M. is a true scholar of the golden era, citing names like Big Pun, Smiff n Wessun and Heltah Skeltah as influences.

Even the project’s artwork has a deeper meaning, as he describes how the “the concept was life being like a game of chess and personal alchemy” and that “there is a deeper more ancient teaching that is about turning oneself into a ‘golden self’.”

Stream and cop the project from Bandcamp here, and follow him on these socials –

The First Move by C.A.M