LOS ANGELES, CA- Ladytron, the iconic electronic band known for their innovative and mesmerizing soundscapes, has once again graced fans with a visually captivating music video for their latest single, “Misery Remember Me” from their 2023 album, Time’s Arrow.

The video features a surreal and atmospheric narrative, taking the audience on a journey through dark, dreamlike landscapes. The imagery beautifully mirrors the song’s emotional depth, leaving viewers immersed in a world of melancholy and introspection. Ladytron’s ability to craft a visual narrative that complements their music demonstrates their artistic prowess and creativity.

Alongside this exciting release, the band is set to mesmerize their fans at an upcoming show in Los Angeles. If you’ve seen Ladytron before, you can bet on an unforgettable experience for all attendees- which might be a diverse mix of new and old fans considering the recent resurgence of their song 20 year old song “Seventeen” which found a younger fan base, thanks to TikTok. Ladytron plays the Belasco this Friday, September 22nd with opening act Danz CM.

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Ladytron Press Photo