LOS ANGELES, CA- Mint Trip is an Los Angeles based band consisting of guitarist Max Molander, bassist Brian Gross and vocalist Amy Gionfriddo and they’ve released an infectious little ditty titled “Labor Day”.

The recording is very polished and Amy’s soprano vocals floats freely over the complex instrumentals. When her vocals harmonize over the chorus, you can’t help but bob your head to the staccato rhythms. It’s truly “atmospheric pop-rock”, and is pretty damn infectious.

I found their musical arrangement particularly intriguing. While I’m not an expert in music theory, I literally spent half an hour trying to figure out number of times they switched up time signatures. I still can’t tell… lol. I don’t know too much about the band, but I could have guessed without reading their bio that this trio must have studied jazz in high school or college, because their sonics are about as complex as it comes.

The accompanying visuals are a fun DIY video that tells a humorous story about the dangers of wearing white after labor day.

“Labor Day” is the second single off Mint Trip’s upcoming debut album which will be available through Blue Élan Records.

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Mint Trip. Photo courtesy of the artist. Use with permission.
Mint Trip. Photo courtesy of the artist. Use with permission.