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LOS ANGELES, CA- Earlier this year, Blurred Culture featured KingQueen at one of our showcases at Madame Siam and they’ve released a powerful music video for their single “Burn This Motha.” The song is a protest anthem, and it struck a nerve when performed for San Fransico Pride just days after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the seminal abortion case Roe vs. Wade.

Produced by Kevin McCombs, the track speaks volumes about the band and what they stand for. Their lead singer, Sabrina Petrini says:

“This song feels like an evolution for us. It’s very simple, straightforward, raw, and honest. No holding back. We love what we do and we genuinely care about people and our community. KingQueen is all about identity and finding a place you can call home. We aren’t a political band but we’re also not going to stay quiet when human rights are being taken away! This is about equal rights, trans rights, and being pro-choice.”

The video was directed and produced by K. Rocco Shields, and Brandon Valerino (keytar) gushed about the experience:

“Rocco Shields was so amazing to work with. She had a perfect balance of creative ideas and clear communication. She was truly invested in making the video. She told us she doesn’t normally get to do creative projects like this so it was a lot of fun for her, too.”

“Burn This Motha” is the first single from the group’s forthcoming EP due out early next year. Keep an eye out for it! Follow KingQueen on Facebook and Instagram.