Having first garnered attention from OVO radio with his single Nostalgia singer/songwriter, Jon Vinyl recently announced the release of his long-awaited debut EP Dangerous.

The title track Dangerous has a very relatable storyline for people in this generation it tells the story of a lovestruck guy who realizes that it’s hard to run away from love once you find it. The song also features a hypnotic melody complete with waving synths and guitar riffs.

Dangerous heaven sent me down an angel
Hard to run away from love
When you come and go just stay all night – Dangerous

The second track, N29, gives off a bouncy vibe, having stemmed from a freestyle. It is the perfect song for long drives or when you’re just walking about town with your Airpods minding your own business as you scroll through your instagram, which so happens to be part of the songs storyline.

I’d lay it down for you
Other women can’t amount to you
No, so what am I to do
When your done up right and ignite my youth
Loving all my pictures, woah
See you in my mentions, woah

Sundays happen to be my favorite song on the EP, Vinyls smooth vocals are accompanied by a relaxing beat that gives off a very chill vibe that makes the song the perfect soundtrack as you reminisce on your weekend, its been on repeat and has honestly become my Sunday anthem.

Sunday’s don’t always go my way
But Someday I hope they’ll all be fine
Cause Monday’s like a kick in my face
A wake up call saying go get everything you love – Sundays

Jon, is definitely just getting started and is set to make a mark in the industry by giving us a fresh new take on R&B and Soul, he is definitely an artist to watch out for.

You can stream the EP on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud