The gastronomical oddity stems from tradition: guinea pigs are a delicacy in some Latin American countries, including Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. The cute house pets are cooked up with salt and served with potatoes in peanut sauce. Now, people can enjoy them in their desserts – grab the sprinkles. Next to the highway linking the Ecuadorian capital of Quito to the city of Sangolqui, you’ll find the stall serving up the rather unbelievable treat. Marlene Franco, a 78-year-old retiree who tried a scoop, told CBS News: ‘I was suspicious, but it was tasty.’

María del Carmen Pilapaña is the woman behind the rodent-based creation. In an area chockablock with dentist clinics and other businesses, she prepares 150 servings of guinea pig ice cream every week at just $1 per cone. Guinea pig isn’t Pilapaña’s only flavour – she makes 40 servings of ice cream flavoured with beetles, which are also a traditional salty snack, as well as a smaller amount of mushroom ice cream. Because who needs chocolate?

Talking to CBS News, Pilapaña said: 

My family and my husband thought I was crazy. They didn’t think anyone would like these ice creams, but now they’re our main product.