LOS ANGELES, CA- Interesting Hobbies Club is a new band that has its origins out of the college days at Occidental College. It was spearheaded by frontman and songwriter Jules Caspole and its current lineup has Max Young on drums, Parker Capp on lead guitar, and Alex Prichett on bass.

On New Year’s Day 2020, under a different band name, Zero Degree, they released their first EP, The Alien Demos, through the label HydeFM. The four-track EP garnered some attention with its track “Golden Dandelions”, which was discovered and released on the YouTube channel The Worst Taste. Now, that video has over 600k views.

The COVID-19 pandemic had Zero Degree, rethink their artistic approach. Not only did they discover that there was a defunct Germanic death metal band by the name of Zero Degree that had recently released a project, but they also figured, as you could probably surmise, that the name “Interesting Hobbies Club” was more apropos given the current times of Covid isolation and lockdowns.

They released a 5 song EP Shirts earlier this year, Shirtswhich features a dreamy cover of Mazzy Star’s “Look On Down From The Bridge”, which embodies the more laid-back, introspective approach to their music, they took during the harder times of Covid”.

For their next album, which they have indicated will be ready for release in early 2022, they plan on hitting their sonics a little harder with a more riff-heavy, indie-rock approach and they reveal those sonic with their latest single, “Middle of the 110”.

We are totally digging the vibe of this new single. While the mood and tempo seem subdued, there’s a tension that bubbles beneath. Whether it’s through Jule’s intensely yearning vocals or the subtle crescendos with the repetition of the driving bass lines, there’s an edginess to this recording that makes it an undeniable listen. It’s simultaneously haunting and exciting, and we’re loving it.

You can presave “Middle of the 110” by CLICKING HERE

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