LOS ANGELES, CA- KOPPS. That’s a name that brings back great memories. I was quite a fan of FIFA 15; I participate in a friendly competition between a close group of friends that are still going on to this day. It was the loading screen music that gave me extra strength. And every once and a while, I would have the pleasure of hearing the sweet tune of KOPPS & Joywave’s track, “Tongue”. All I needed to hear was the hook, and I was scoring at least 42 goals that game (no typo).

What was it about KOPPS’s music that gave me energy? Nobody knows – it’s provocative. And I seriously mean that- KOPPS’s music has an energy to it that will keep you intrigued and on your feet. Just don’t ask me to label it with a genre. That’s a tough one because KOPPS makes whatever kind of music they want.

The easiest way to describe it would be pop. With Patricia Patrón on the vocals, Kyle O’Hara on the bass, and Travis Johansen on the guitar, you have a classic pop band setup (you may need a drummer, too). If I had to describe KOPPS in one sentence, maybe bubble gum rock production combined with traditional rock lyrics? Whatever it is, KOPPS has an interesting and catchy sonic that lures you to listen like a Siren. With each listen, there is a good chance you will hear/learn something new.

I had the opportunity to check out their performance at The Echoplex in Los Angeles. When I arrived at the venue, there was already a hoard of fans waiting in the outside patio. So many fans, in fact, that the DJ booth and makeshift bar were drowned out. Packed and loud, it was a great draw – and it was clear that they were just about ready to break the doors down.

Kopps @ The Echoplex 8/24/19. Photo by Bran (@branxblack). Used with permission.
Kopps @ The Echoplex 8/24/19. Photo by Bran (@branxblack). Used with permission.

When the crowd was admitted into the venue, we were intrduced to an interesting stage set up featuring glow in the dark, cartoon-esque art, invoking an Alice In Wonderland type of theme. This was further detailed with glowing clouds, oversized menu signs, and some very trippy lighting effects. Very trippy indeed. And people were dancing, too. The DJ was doing a great job at playing some hits to get us warmed up. As I’m piecing together my Alice In Wonderland theory, I turn to admire a couple dancing their hearts out with such confidence. “I like your dance moves! What’s that called?”, I said. “The ‘Me’!” she replied, “I made it myself – we’re on shrooms right now!”. I’m paraphrasing just a tad, but really though, I’d believe that was the place to be if you were on shrooms.

Hold on to your hats now, because here comes KOPPS. If you keep up with the band, you know they are rumored to give some impressive live performances. This was my first time seeing them live, and the rumors are true. With spot-on choreography and wardrobe and an electric discography, KOPPS knows what it takes to put on a show. Their music takes on a whole new light live, and they do a great job of doing their songs justice. In the end, there was no telling who was sweating more – the fans or KOPPS.

After the show, I got the chance to ask Patricia a few questions! Keep reading to learn a bit more about the band.


Introduce yourselves- who are y’all?

We are KOPPS, another alt-pop trio! We are a lil different in that we have excellent music and a fully choreographed stage show from heaven

You guys just went on stage – How do y’all get ready for a show the day of?

In an *ideal* world I do some sunning at my spacious Airbnb, a light workout (in the form of sex), have ample time to prep our hair, makeup, and stage attire- eat a light meal, stretch, and vigorously complement each other via vocal scales until showtime. In the *actual* world we exit a delayed flight which we took after 3 hours of disturbed sleep, sit in traffic from the airport to our Travelodge, immediately get ready for the show upon arrival and move to venue, where we are surprised by the crews total lack of knowledge about our stage plot and firm insistence that we have 45 minutes to set up and sound check.

The good news is I have experienced both of these scenarios several times, so life really is like a box of chocolates, I guess

Kopps @ The Echoplex 8/24/19. Photo by Bran (@branxblack). Used with permission.
Kopps @ The Echoplex 8/24/19. Photo by Bran (@branxblack). Used with permission.

The name KOPPS – You said it started off as a joke and then you just kept it. But what does it mean? Can you explain that story?

Keep on putting penises somewhere (with consent)

Keep out of papas Pringle’s, son.

There is another meaning we encourage fans to guess and don’t really reveal because it’s honestly kinda stupid

“Oh Dang Dang” look at that thang. A fun track that gives me some series 2000’s pop vibes. How did this song come together? What’s happening during that ending?

We started with that unforgettable phrase and built the entire song around it. People remember it and sing it back after hearing it for 25 seconds so we think it was a good decision. The end is pure chaos which we always feel strongly about. 

How does the checks and balances process work for you guys when it comes to creating a song?

A good question! Songwriting isn’t about ME or YOU and everyone needs to leave egos at the door.

As a younger writer it was hard for me to let go of some ideas- but being in a pop band it’s a necessary evil. Everyone in the room has the power to veto anything if most are in agreement- this keeps everyone humble and gives us a better result (we think)

Could this possibly be the single to the debut album? Is an album coming?

The compilation is certainly coming in 2020.

If you could see one person perform, dead or alive and at any point in their career, who are you watching?


Future plans?

A cult following

Get ready for the cult!

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Kopps @ The Echoplex 8/24/19. Photo by Bran (@branxblack). Used with permission.
Kopps @ The Echoplex 8/24/19. Photo by Bran (@branxblack). Used with permission.