gucciToday is Christmas… The long wait we all had to endure not hearing fresh Gucci Mane was like walking through the Saudi Arabian desert for 2 days with no water…. Yet Gucci is back and this completely shitty world we live in finally seems to be a slightly happier place to live in. From telling the feds to go get fucked all the way to admitting he is a recovering drug addict Gucci gives absolutely zero fucks on this album. This is vintage Gucci Mane with a 2016 twist. Guwop is back and hopefully here to stay.

The man born in Alabama made into a star in East Atlanta grew into arguable the best A&R in hip hop. He created a whole genera of music and spawned a legion of extremely diverse fans. He even killed a man protecting his life from a hit squad reportable sent by Young Jeezy! (It’s speculated…) Regardless you can’t write this shit, Gucci is what every rapper wants to be, what every hipster is listening to and the most influential hip hop artist in the past 10 years, yes I said that! 10 years!!!

Everybody Looking is an excellent start to a new Gucci that is just as effective, influential and unique. Kanye, Drake and Young Thug all make features on the album. Mike Will and Zaytoven construct the sound bed for what is classic Atlanta hip hop. This album is sick and you should listen to it all weekend then take a three day break and get right back to it. Brrrrrr!