The second single from hip hop production duo Earth2Tom is a jazzy Hawaii 500 style loop featuring in-demand hip hop trio FRSHRZ on vocals. Members Artcha, SKANDOUZ and Dray Styles rap on the theme of words beginning with ‘N’, with the underlying message that we shouldn’t use the N_WRD!

The track combines FRSHRZ nimble wordplay over a dope summer vibes backing track.

This is what Skandouz says on the subject of the track 

The N word is something the FRSHRZ don’t use in our music. We came up with a song that takes a satirical look at the use of the N word in Hip Hop music with a subliminal message of how we feel about the use of the N word in Hip Hop music. But ultimately its a piece of art, listeners will take away their own meanings from this song. Its not that deep …but then again it is. You decide!”

Earth2Tom are producers Tomfoolery Beats and Charles the Earthman, who bring smooth dusty boom bap hip hop, with conscious lyrics and a positive vibe.