LOS ANGELES, CA- How do you deal with the complex emotions that arise when you and your partner allow a third party to join in the intimacy? You write a song!

Up and coming recording artist FLAVIA released a new single called “Does She Like It Rough?” and opens up with her fans about the long term, polyamorous relationship she has been in for the past four and half years.

As FLAVIA explained on social media (her Instagram story):

“Does She Like It Rough?” is the first song I wrote about my polyamorous relationship with my long term boyfriend. It addresses my curiosities, my jealousies, and the power I felt as I transformed into a woman that was comfortable and confident enough to share my partner with another woman. In the song, I ask my bf not to forget about me as he falls deeper into the arms of someone else. This song talks about the highs that come from breaking social norms and pursuing unconventional relationships in a predominantly monogamous world. “No rules as long as our love’s never-fading.”

Have a listen and let us know what you think in the comments!

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