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Make Music Pasadena 2016


An overcast sky and a slight drizzle may be enough to keep the average person home in the dry confines of their living room, but when the city of Pasadena offers up over 150 free performances by both local and international recordings artists, the music lovers will still come out in droves to “soak” it all in.

Our coverage of this years festival was “dampened” a bit by the weather. The long walks to and from the various stages, and significant time spent wipgin away mist from camera lenses while working around “rain bags”, made us make a decision to select those artists who we really wanted to see live, and to enjoy their entire sets. As such, of the 150 acts that were scheduled that day, we only had the pleasure of covering 6 artists.

Perhaps we’ll need to enlist the aid of more contributors (more than just two) next year for more in-depth coverage (feel free to let us know if you’re interested in being a Blurred Culture contributor), but we’ll cross the bridge when next year’s Make Music Pasadena music festival comes around. In the meantime, enjoy what we got below.

  1. The Fontaines
  2. The Dead Ships
  3. Hamish Anderson
  4. Bear Hands
  5. Mowglis [Coming Soon]
  6. Atlas Genius