HOLLYWOOD, CA- Los Fabulosos Cadillacs boast an illustrious career that has spanned nearly four decades, and throughout this time, they’ve demonstrated an extraordinary ability to evolve, seamlessly incorporating diverse musical elements, including ska, rock, reggae, salsa, and cumbia.

Now, they’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of their iconic hit “Matador,” a song that stands as their most recognized and celebrated track. Their impact in the Latin American music scene is undeniable, establishing them as a formidable presence.

Their U.S. tour, “El León del Ritmo tour,” is now officially underway, and on September 24th, they graced the stage at the legendary Hollywood Bowl for the very first time, sharing this iconic venue with another renowned Argentine band, “Los Autenticos Decadentes.”

The evening started with a festive and dance-filled atmosphere by Los Autenticos Decadentes. Their setlist included some of the Latin American anthems that have been chorused in soccer stadiums, at festivals, and as declarations of love and devotion. Anthemic songs such as  ‘Loco’, ‘La guitarra’, ‘Un osito de peluche de Taiwán’, ‘Amor’, ‘No me importa el dinero’ y ‘Corazón’, had the crowd captivated that evening, setting the stage for Los Fabulosos Cadillacs to elevate the excitement to a whole new level.

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As Los Fabulosos Cadillacs graced the stage, the crowd instantly became an integral part of the performance. The audience was treated to an amazing setlist filled with their iconic hits, including classics like “Matador,” “Mal Bicho,” and “Vasos Vacíos.” These songs have choruses that are practically anthems, making it nearly impossible for fans not to join in and sing along with every word.

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs at Hollywood Bowl 9/24/23 Setlist. El Leon del Ritmo Tour.
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs at Hollywood Bowl 9/24/23 Setlist. El Leon del Ritmo Tour.

But it’s not just the singing; it’s the dancing too. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs’ music has an undeniable groove that compels people to move. Whether it’s swaying to the reggae-infused rhythms or skanking to the infectious ska beats, the audience becomes a sea of motion, mirroring the band’s high-energy performance.

The synergy between the band and the crowd was truly enchanting. It’s a musical celebration where everyone is united by their love for the music, creating an unforgettable experience of joy, connection, and pure musical euphoria that lasts throughout the entire show.

There have been only a few instances when I’ve experienced concerts at the Hollywood Bowl compared to Latin American shows, where it’s a rarity to witness people sitting down. However, on this particular night, I was astounded to see most of the crowd standing up for the entire concert. Everyone was grooving!

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs’ concert at the iconic Hollywood Bowl delivered an unforgettable night brimming with feel good energy. As the band wrapped up their performance, the Hollywood Bowl’s atmosphere remained electrified, with infectious liveliness that continued long after the final notes had faded into the night. The crowd could be heard collectively singing outloud “eyy ohh, eyy ohh” as they departed.

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