If you don’t know who Devin the Dude is please go fuck yourself, If you do that means you get it and you’re probably reading this high as fuck. Acoustic Levitation was a long time coming, last time I spoke with Dev he told me it was dropping in the Spring and that was a year ago. I’m a fan & a friend so naturally I preordered his Album and was notified the second it dropped, those are the kind of alerts I likeCOUB324CD_1024x1024 to see on my phone. I instantly grinned, finished my meal and was off to the man cave for a perfectly rolled joint of Girl Scout Cookies, wrapped with a Raw paper and Phuncky Feel Tip in tow…

Literally I spark my spliff and the first track off the album titled “Can I” is classic Devin the Dude, it was like taking that first bite of an In & Out burger when you’re stonned as fuck at 1am. Instantly satisfied and exactly what you expected. The album then rolled into track 2 “Are You Goin’ My Way (feat Tony Mac & Lisa Luv)”. This track is a Southern story telling classic with a soulful R&B sound, making you feel as though you’re rolling in a Lacville 79 through the streets of Houston. I had to take this one back and inhale it a few more times as this song is my shit…


“Please Pass That To Me” is a classic stoner track, then another right after with “We High Right Now (feat. Rob Quest & Jugg Mugg)” which has a more turn up vibe to it, this track would do well with some Sativas. “By” (feat Tony Mac) shows Devin really can sing and could have easily been a R&B artist if he wanted to… Then maybe, I said maybe the best track on the album and the title of the album “Acoustic Levitation” smacks you upside your head with that laid back Devin you have been needing in your life but with a new sound I can’t place my finger on. Devin spits on this track whith honest swagger, a guy that knows how to tell you exactly how he feels and still be cool as fuck in the process. This was on replay needles to say and pairs well with Devin’s favorite Bud Light

“I’m in the Galaxy (feat. Roe Hummin)” & “Tonight” have a dance hall vibe and I like the chances Devin took on these tracks as it paid off. “Apartment #8216” & “It’s Cold in Here” are two tracks that are undoubtedly Houston, Texas hiphop. If you’re into siping Lean this is probably what you will enjoy the most off this album, i’m joking… But seriously.

“Due Yo Thang” has a Curtis Mayfield vibe, real soothing, puts life into perspective and also on a side note I then began to roll up some Wedding Cake via the Jungle Boys as this track played and I give this track all the credit for how damn good I rolled that fucking joint.

“Don’t Get Naked” & “You Know I Wantcha!” is that nasty Devin the Dude we have grown to love and “Do You Love Gettin’ High” is the perfect ending to what is without a doubt one of Devin’s greatest albums and damn did this shit drop at the perfect time. Thank you Dev for at least giving me an hour away from the dramas of the world and allowed me to relax, smile and smoke some damn good weed.

Blurred Culture has had a long standing working and artistic relationship with Devin The Dude, take a look bellow of some more of Devin’s greatest hits.