The long holiday weekend is officially over, and CPD said 100 people were shot in Chicago since Friday night. Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown will address the violence and face questions about the department’s safety plan Tuesday afternoon. A 15-year-old boy is one of the latest victims. Chicago crime is out of control.

The murders and murderers are virtually & exclusively black on black yet the media, the city and the nation is silent. Why because no one cares. Not black leaders, not the media and not the nation. It is a sad state of affairs. The city is to blame, the educational system is to blame and let’s be clear the culture in the South side of Chicago is to blame. The media speaks of the cultural failures in this nation’s white community with no problem whatsoever yet to criticize our nation’s black citizens in any way is absolutely unheard of. So as thousands, not hundreds, thousands of black young men mostly are being slaughtered in our nation’s streets by other black men, we as a nation stay quiet. It is a cultural failure within the black community. A culture that is too accepting of crime and violence and its Media stars in the hip hop industry and other forms of media glorify this behavior to a group who is uneducated compared to other US groups, poor and being told their problems are because of racism. How the hell is that fair. The nation has and is making changes to assist our black brother and sisters now it’s time for real black leaders to stand up and stop pointing fingers at the boogie man aka “white folks” and start looking with in at those who are actually pulling the trigger.