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Brandy @ L.A. PRIDE 6/11/17 // Photo by Summer Dos Santos (@SummerDosSantos) for www.BlurredCulture.com.
Brandy @ L.A. PRIDE 6/11/17 // Photo by Summer Dos Santos (@SummerDosSantos) for www.BlurredCulture.com.


When I was a kid, I literally wanted to be Brandy. She was the epitome of the “It Girl.” I had the signature braids, wore my backpack to the front, watched every episode of Moesha, and knew every song from her debut and sophomore album. If 7 year old me knew that 27 year old me would be up close and personal at Brandy performance, I would have fell completely out in disbelief.

Seeing Brandy live was nostalgia at it’s best. I found myself singing lyrics to songs that I had forgotten about or hadn’t heard in years. When I looked at the crowd around me, it was the same for them. There’s something about reigniting your childhood memories that brings adults so much joy. She gave us all a treat with some childhood favorites “Sittin Up in My Room” and “I Wanna Be Down” and did a beautiful live version of the ballad “Almost Doesn’t Count.” The words definitely had way more meaning than when we were all preteens singing along. Brandy is one of those singers that could get on stage and sound better live that on the actual recording of the song, and her performance at Pride was no exception. There were a few moments where even the other press that was there went into a brief moment of fan mode.

Brandy relished in the fact that her set was so well received and that the crowd was giving back just as much energy as she gave. Even when she performed ‘Wildest Dreams’ which she noted was lesser-known song, to her delight the crowd was still able to recite the lyrics. She even led the crowd in a call and response session. Brandy’s performance at Pride was a sweet reminder of what a legendary artist she is and her contribution to R&B.

Brandy is currently recording her seventh studio album and is collaborating on the project with the writers Rico Love, David Asante, Eric Hudson and Charles Hinshaw.

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