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Alexandra Savior @ Hotel Cafe 5/12/16 | Concert Photo By Derrick K Lee

Alexandra Savior. That name’s got a ring to it, doesn’t it? Her name, coupled with the fact that she was newly signed to Columbia Records and had her debut album produced by Alex Turner of Artic Monkeys, was part of the reason I attended her intimate performance at the Hotel Café’s second room, music unheard.

Ms. Savior had been touring, supporting Alex’s Last Shadow Puppets stateside, and she had garnered some buzz from various media outlets that whispered her name as an artist to keep an eye on. In a room with a suburb sound system, this would be my opportunity to substantiate all of the raves.

Alexandra Savior @ Hotel Cafe 5/12/16 | Concert SetlistBacked by the Los Angeles band Papa, Ms. Savior calmly took the stage acknowledging some of the familiar faces in the crowd, seated just feet away, with a comforted smile. When the drums kicked in for the first number, “Frankie”, and Ms. Savior’s voice soared seductively with a Blondie-esque tone and cadence, my attention was immediately captured. I was instantly smitten.

Throughout her set, her demeanor on stage is relatively reserved with little fanfare, as her body flows with the sensual sonics of her music. Ms. Savior’s voice floated between high delicate notes and the soothing lower register of her vocal range. When During certain moments of her performance, Ms. Savior would occasionally grab microphone with both hands, with eyes closed, singing into it as if whispering sweet nothings into its circuitry.

In the second half of her performance, to the delight of the crowd, Ms. Savior invited her producer, and co-writer, Alex Turner on stage to perform a couple of songs. The stripped down version of “Girlie”, with Alex on guitar, was simply ethereal. In fact, I much prefer the version that she performed with Alex than the other versions with the full band backing her.

Other than welcoming Alex on stage and introducing her band mates, Ms. Savior said very little to the audience, as if performing from an introspective trance. Her personal immersion in the music was so intense that it drew those in the audience into that personal, intimate space that she was occupying.

Clearly, I was enchanted with the sound of Ms. Savior’s music. If she had music to purchase that evening, I would have been the first in line because and I wanted to listed to it again with an ear to lyrical content. Based on what I can recall, it seems like there is a constant theme of defiant individuality where the voices are either active or observant, and I want be able hear how it all comes together to created the vision that she intended.

Alexandra Savior. Definitely a name to remember.

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