Having just turned 21 earlier this week, the wonderfully sublime Alexandra Savior has released her first “official” song, “Shades”. With hauntingly breathy vocals that float over the driving baselines and fuzzy guitars, she sings  poetically, quirky lyrics that feel almost like personal notes from a diary.

“I sort of wish that it was raining.
So that I could put the hood up on my coat.
I’m always happy to be leaving.
Could be the company I’m keeping.”

The Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner produced  “Shades” which was co-written by Mr. Turner, Ms. Savior and James Ford (Florence and the Machine, Haim, etc), and is described by Ms. Savior as being a song “…about knowing you’re doing something you’re not supposed to be and reveling in it.”

Revel Alexandra Savior’s lyrics and music below.

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