LOS ANGELES, CA- Foxes (nee Louisa Rose Allen) is a British singer who hit mainstream consciousness when she was the featured vocalist on Zedd’s 2012 hit single “Clarity”. Since then she’s been delighting her fans with a pair of studio album Glorious (2014) and All I Need (2016). After taking several years to regroup and record, she recently released a banger of a single that’s a sure sign of big things to come.

“Love Not Loving You” is all about a return to passion. With Foxes confidently wailing the addictive chorus “You broke me out of the fever/ You make me feel like someone else” as the thumping bassline and honed drum programming slaps, it’s a sure bet that you’ll be shaking your shimmy to the beat.

Of the song, Foxes says:

“This song is about finally falling in love with myself, about not depending on anyone else for my own happiness, And being able to stand on my own two feet. I hope the message in this song can inspire others to do the same.”

The addictive song is also accompanied by an equally addictive music video. Shot entirely at home on her cell phone, and directed by Rauri Cantelo, the video finds inspiration in classical painting, turning the “women as muse” motif on its head by having the subject come to life and busting out of the frame.

After a three year hiatus, Foxes latest entry is an uplifting jam that’s got this music editor smiling … teeth showing and all. I can’t wait to hear what Foxes has coming for us next.

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Foxes. Press photo. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.
Foxes. Press photo. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.