Anyone who has ever been to an Action Bronson concert, or even seen footage from one, knows that he’s a very generous gift giver. Arguably too generous, but that’s up for debate. During his recent show at Coney Island’s Ford Amphitheater this past weekend, Bronson treated a few lucky audience members with quick hands to some free goodies.

While your average entertainer might toss a couple free shirts into the crowd, Bronson likes to give the people what they really need—like kitchen appliances. Footage from the concert show Bronson tossing brand new household items into the audience. A tweet from one the lucky audience members shows that he actually gifted fans with an 1,800 watt smart grill.

It seems like Bronson has learned to toss out gifts fans can actually carry home, considering just a year ago he was tossing massive flat screen TVs into the crowd. But hey, free gifts are still free gifts, right?

Watch some of the fan-shot footage below.