When I say Seattle’s finest you probably think coffee and though coffee is my drug of choice I do good drugs and that ain’t good. What is good is Aaron Cohen. Aaron Cohen is Seattle’s finest hip hop artist at this time in our lives. Sure he spent some time in NYC and now he’s in LA but to me he exemplifies the Seattle Hip Hop scene.

His latest single and new visual is entitled “See Red”. The song is a straight fucking banger and I will be hitting the heavy bag to it in the morning at the LA Fitness in Playa Del Rey if anyone wants to catch this work. I may even have to watch the video a few times as well because it also got me fucking pumped. As a complete package put out by Aaron at this stage in his career this is his best one. Both the song and video can stand beside any of the majors in the game right now and be right at home. Aaron got me seeing RED for sure with this one and I like it. Well done sir, well done…..