A woman has been accused of dismembering her husband’s body before putting his organs in the washing machine and storing his body parts in the fridge. Their 2-year-old son was allegedly home during the entire ordeal.

Rapper Andy Cartwright was found dead after he was allegedly killed and cut up by wife Marina Kukha, while at home with their two-year-old son in St Petersburg, Russia.

Some reports also allege that the Marina’s mother was also involved in the 30-year-old’s death, with detectives ordering that she doesn’t leave the city.

Kukha told detectives that she did not want his fans to know he had died of a drugs overdose which described as such an “inglorious” death.

The 36-year-old told officers she used a knife, hammer, hacksaw, plastic bowl and chopping board to dismember his body over four days, and stored body parts in black plastic bags and her fridge.


He had become addicted to hard drugs during the pandemic, she told his fans on social media. Forensic tests are underway in an attempt to establish the cause of death. The widow had also thoroughly cleaned their apartment on main street Nevsky Prospect in St Petersburg, it was reported.