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Lucky Chops at Brooklyn Bowl 6/24/16. Photo by Cortney Armitage (@CortneyArmitage )

“Do you have butterflies? Oh my God, I have butterflies.” Rachel said. I didn’t know who Rachel was until that moment, but there we were at the front of the stage and about to be bonded in one of those once-in-a-life-time shared experiences.

We were both familiar with Lucky Chop’s music, but neither of us had had the privilege or opportunity of seeing them live. Unbeknownst to either of us, we were about to get up close and personal with the band … like bodily fluids, a bit of crotch, saxophones in our face and some trombones sliding right over heads kind of personal. We were about to experience Lucky Chops.

A steady stream of fans filed into the Brooklyn Bowl, and it quickly hit its 600 person, sold-out capacity. There was a palpable excitement in the room, with a fantastically anxious energy stirred by the masses waiting for the performance that Lucky Chops was about to deliver. The men of Lucky Chops did not disappoint. Throughout the evening, Leo P (Baritone saxophone), Josh Holcomb (Trombone), Daro Behroozi (Tenor saxophone), Joshua Gawel (Trumpet), Kevin Congleton (Drum) and founding member Raphael Buyo (Tuba) performed with an inimitable style, unbelievable musicianship, and a tornado of energy that blew faces off and quite possibly the doors off the Brooklyn Bowl.

Lucky Chops at Brooklyn Bowl 6/24/16 | SetlistTo be honest, I had a hint of what was about to go down that evening. I had gotten to the venue a bit early to snag a quick portrait of the fellas and sound check was still going on. As I walked into the venue, they were getting into a song, reviewing its choreography. I’m a sucker when bands take the time to go beyond what’s expected, and polished, well executed choreographed moments during a performance definitely bestills my heart. Apparently, I’m not the only one as all 600 hundred of us in attendance was in boy band, brass band heaven.

It was the kind of performance that transforms a bunch of normal looking guys into Rock Gods. Together they made the Brooklyn Bowl bust out in sing alongs, and women will forgive and welcome an accidental fluid exchange. Overheard in between songs,  a woman in front shouts out to her friend with glee, “His spit just got in my mouth. I think we are going steady now.”

Josh Holcomb kept the fun energy up as he MC’d the set, introducing songs, sending dedications and also jumping into the pit to get a bit closer to the fans. Leo P, with his style and sweet, sexy body rolls, had women’s tongues drooling for more. Each member was given their moments to shine, and you could feel how much their home town crowd was embracing them with the rapturous cheers from each moment. Coming back out for the encore you could see that the band was a bit overwhelmed and moved by the support. Josh thanked the crowd humbly for coming out and making the show the wildest and most fun in New York yet.

“To have you guys, our fans, rocking out to us as we play, it makes it really really special. We love you guys so much. This is just crazy, thank you.”

The Lucky Chops are now on their world tour. Catch them when they come to your town. They are not to be missed.

P.S. Dear Lucky Chops … please more tuba solos. Seriously. MORE TUBA SOLOS. 😉

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