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Tame Impala 8/27/16 @ Fuck Yeah Fest. Photo by Oliver Walker for FYF Fest. Used With Permission By www.BlurredCulture.com.

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Tame Impala 8/27/16 @ Fuck Yeah Fest. Setlist.Of all of the FYF sets that we were able to catch, perhaps the set that got the most media coverage was Tame Impala’s because Lady Gaga joined the set band onstage at the tail end of their performance of “New Person, Same Old Mistake” (see the fan-shot video at the very bottom of the page). There has been a lot of press this year about the possible collaboration between Gaga and Tame Impala’s lead singer (Kevin Parker), and Gaga’s pop-up at FYF seems to confirm rumors.

While other publications have suggested that Gaga performed with Tame Impala, unless she sang or played an instrument off-stage, those headlines were pure click-bait. It was a cool little appearance, but as far as my ears and eyes could notice, she just walked onstage to co-sign the band’s performance.

And that’s what I want to focus on: their performance. I’ve always shied away from Tame Impala’s concerts because I’d always felt that their music was a bit too psychedelic for me. Don’t get me wrong, I totally dig their music, but I’d always assumed that their hazy, wall of sound, sonics would be better suited for long drives in my car or partying in a dimly lit setting with friends. I was wrong.

The selection of songs that Tame Impala picked for FYF was nearly perfect for both appeasing die-hard fans while engaging potential new ones. After Kevin Parker announced that, “It’s about to get real, L.A.”, they embarked on briskly paced set that featured tracks with strong pop sensibilities; with the only real lull being the 4 minute instrumental piece that they played three-quarters of the way into their set. Sure, the band’s “psych” influences were clearly on display, but every song was danceable and every hook was singable, proving to me in real-time that … yeah … now I understand why Gaga was interested in working with Parker in the studio.

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